Blackstone HopJack American Style IPA

Okay, Blackstone, this is your last chance. You have brought me endless waves of disappointment after disappointment. I have found other local breweries who have produced very good beers, but you just aren't among them. When I first moved here, I was told I had to try Blackstone, and I just can't figure out what makes you so popular.

The vaguely cloudy orange wheat color sits below the thin yet sticky head of tiny little bubbles. They leave enough lacing on the sides to demonstrate the very beer nature of this beverage. Wafting up from its brim is floral hops and citrus. So far, so good. But I have my eye on you, Blackstone.

First sip is More piney than I had expected, but it also has the citrus notes in there with it. The citrus is lemon, and it falsely gives the impression of this being dish-washing liquid after the sip is over. The sip, then, does not bestow awards and accolades upon the brewer. Maybe a swig will save the beer.

Tip-in is slight carbonation burn and bitterness of the citrus hops. The middle swings by with more carbonation and little else; it's watery and too tasteless. The finish arrives with lemon and some sweet malt, but the sweetness isn't able to cope with the overriding bitterness. After the drink is gone, I can't say it leaves me wanting more.

Bottom Line: It's like a muted bell being rung. It is not as clear and crisp as it needs to be, and the use of it is ineffective.



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