Stone RuinTen Triple IPA

According to the label, this is the 10-year anniversary beer based on the "legendary" Ruination IPA. I know I've had the regular (non-anniversary beer) before, but it appears that it was before this blog got started, and I don't actually remember much about it. I had a different Stone beer during this blog, and it was very good. The real question is if this beer can live up to the hubris that the brewery seems to exude.

The head is so thick I could lay a quarter on it. It leaves good lacing on the side as it goes down, but the head is so persistent that it's hard to see the lacing at all. The color is a red amber, and the aroma is a whole face-full of pine hops. There may be some citrus lurking in the depths, but hops are what this beer is about, and it makes no apologies. The sip is really going to be something.

The first sip is very hoppy, but it doesn't hit with the bitter torrent that I had with some other hop-heavy beers. Instead, it is like a hop sandwich, with a bready malt making the whole thing more palatable. As per usual, a sip won't tell the whole story, but I'd probably be content to just sip the whole beer.

Tip-in is malt and... raisins, strangely enough. It has more of a dark ale about it very quickly, but that fades as the middle come on in. The middle is a busywork of hops and malt and caramel and oranges and toffee and grass and even some earth tones. It is very complex, but it is also very good. The finish has a bitter streak, and then there is a bit of what I can only describe as mint. That is replaced with a mild malty hoppy afterglow.

Bottom Line: They say it's based on a legendary beer, and this may generate its own legend.



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