Falls City Hipster Repellant IPA

Today's beer has a very hipster logo, but it claims to be anti-hipster. Honestly, I find this JUST the kind of thing that a hipster would do ironically, so I don't know if I should trust it. The fact that City Sliquors suggested it is the only reason I am even giving it a chance.

The pale amber beer has a frothy, patchy bunch of bubbles that leave a fair amount of lacing on the sides as the Pine hop aroma wafts slowly from the beer like it doesn't care if I'm wearing my Superman T-shirt ironically or because I genuinely like Superman - which I do. There's an orange aroma mingling with the pine hops, and the combination reminds me of a few other IPAs I've had recently. Time to stop sniffing and start sipping...

First sip is very, very surprisingly smooth. With as much hops as I was smelling, I expected a hop hammer on the tongue like a Hop Hunter IPA, but this one gets a distinct pine hit and combines it with a more mellow kind of caramel malt. I can't overstress that the pine hops are the focal point, but the bitterness is cut down in its prime by the malt that is very well balanced.

In a swig, tip-in is strangely bready with a light carbonation fringe. There is sweet orange nestled in there nicely like a kitten snuggling up to its mother. The middle prances in with pine malt and fresh biscuit and toffee. This thing is really kicking it very well. The finish leads with a bit of a carbonation sting, then the pine hops and caramel trail off into the distance. The whole taste manages to be mild and characterful at the same time - a hard balance to pull off.

Bottom Line: Jeepers, that's a very good beer.



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