Gone Girl (2014)

I can sum this movie up pretty quick - it's a Lifetime movie where the guy (inexplicably) is actually the victim. While I admit to hating Ben Afflek, I try to give him a chance in every movie. I had preconceptions about Brad Pitt for a while, but I begrudgingly admit that he's actually a very good actor. Ben hasn't been good in anything I've seen him in, and I will never be able to forgive him for Daredevil. If he screws up Batman, I will likely swear off his movies forever.

Even though many people have seen this movie, I'm going to try to not give away any of the secrets. If you haven't seen the movie, it is more likely you are going to read reviews of it, so I'm catering to you.

Ben is an adulterous husband whose wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances. As a result of his infidelity and presumably his bad acting, he is immediately considered a suspect, and he spends quite a bit of his time trying to explain himself and the strange circumstances and evidence that has been stacked up against him - including a detailed diary that his wife kept that illustrates a marriage in a downward spiral and an abusive husband.

Rosamund Pike plays the missing wife who is known for being the basis for a whole line of children's books. Even as the victim, she never actually comes off as either likable or sympathetic. But, she's not really supposed to, so it's no reflection on her acting abilities. Speaking of acting - Tyler Perry is in this movie, and he doesn't suck. I know - it seems unbelievable, but he actually manages to do a very good job with his relatively small role as Ben's defense attorney who knows all about manipulating the media during sensationalized crimes like this one.

Also on the not-suck list is Doogie Howser himself, Neil Patrick Harris. He plays a straight man who has been a longtime friend of Rosamund, even though there may have been some complications in their relationship in the past where she revealed somewhat less-than-kind personality traits.

All told, I think the story does a pretty good job of keeping you guessing about what might happen next. The big mysteries are easy to see coming, but the actual character interaction is kind of out there most of the time - which is nice. The characters themselves are as unsettling as they are unsettled.

Direction was good
Story was good
Dialogue was good
Acting was good for the non-Affleck parts
Pacing was slow

Bottom Line: Not the worst Lifetime movie I've seen.



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