Sam Adams Light

The last time I tried a light beer was back when I was in college and it was free. I didn't have a particularly discerning palate at the time, but I remember not thinking it was all that great. Mind you, I was in college and it was free, so I had quite a bit of it. This is from a company I respect, and all indications are that this is the best a light beer can get. Let's see how good it is.

The color is pleasingly amber - not a hint of the light beers I had previously been exposed to. The head is pretty minimal, and it whittles away to nothing pretty quickly. It's not uncommon for a lager to leave no lacing and retain little head, so I'm not going to hold that against them. The aroma is a sweet and grainy malt, which is exactly what I would expect from a lager. So far, nothing different means this light lager may be just as good as a regular Boston Lager.

First sip is not all that spectacular. It's very watery, and it has a a strange twist to the malt that tastes almost like it has been waiting around for a while. It's not a skunked beer, but but the malt has that past-its-use-by-date kind of thing going on. Maybe I need to give it a better shot. Yes, I'm going for the full swig, as usual.

Tip-in is light malt and lemon zest. The carbonation tickles the tongue as the middle starts to slide its way in. The middle brings a lot of water and carbonation actually biting the back of the throat. It's like it is trying to make up for something. The finish rolls out with a filthy hue of forgotten flavor - the aforementioned off-tasting malt - and rolls on with more of what can only be described as an aftertaste.

Bottom Line: If this is the best that light beers get, I'm not getting another one.



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