A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014)

While you're waiting for Taken 3, and you've already seen Non-Stop, why not get Taken with another Liam Neeson movie where he plays a guy who is trying to find a person who has been Taken? He's not related to them this time, and he's supposed to be kind of broken down and a recovering alcoholic, but these are just fiddly little details in yet another Taken movie.

Admittedly, there are fewer fight scenes in this movie than there are in most of the Taken films, and there are fewer chase scenes, but the formula hasn't changed much. Liam still has superhero-levels of capability when it comes to shooting bad guys and anticipating traps, and he relies on those and luck to come out of the movie (hopefully) alive.

The general idea is that Liam is an unlicensed private investigator who does "favors" for people who give him "gifts" for his services. Well, a guy who has a bunch of money has his lovely wife kidnapped, and he goes through a friend to find Liam. From there it's a matter of tracking down the guys responsible. As you may expect, they don't want to be found, and there are no real twists or turns to the story, but it's nice that they inserted a few awkward scenes where Liam gets caught somewhere he shouldn't be and has to talk his way out. 

As a movie, it's not bad. It breaks no new ground, and it rehashes quite a bit, but it is a good walk across the familiar lawn with a guy you can root for and a cause that is clearly just. Nothing really stands out, and it is formulaic, but that doesn't mean it's not an enjoyable popcorn afternoon. 

Bottom Line: It was fine. Nothing spectacular, but nothing horrible.

Acting was good
Story was okay
Dialogue was good
Direction was good
Editing was fine.



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