The Skeleton Twins (2014)

This has nothing to do with skeletons. Yes, this brother and sister have matching tattoos with skeletons in them, but it's a passing comment, and we pretty much only see them once. Skeletons are how we see these two: stripped down to their bare essence, and it really seems to work pretty well. I'll admit that I've disliked much of SNL for the last couple decades, and these two SNL alum held little interest before they had that epic interview with the guy who never saw the movie.

I'm glad I saw this. It's not my usual movie of choice, as that tends to be either action or thriller or even horror. This drama - well, maybe dark comedy/drama - is a melancholy affair where two siblings trade turns attempting or seriously contemplating suicide. Then, they trade attempts at cheering each other up. On the face of it, it would be a depressing movie that would probably not be worth watching, but this movie seems to pull it off. The question is: how?

Well, it starts with good acting. Both of them do a great job. Even the supporting actors do their job and keep the interest going. Then, you move to a well written script. These are two complex people who feel real. Their personalities are vivid and multifaceted; really, this comes off as more of a character study, they go so deep.

There are twists and turns in the story, and the interaction of the two is augmented by the actual personal history that the actors have. They already fell into a good chemistry years ago during SNL, and it comes out on screen. They can play off of each other like Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi did in their hayday.

The complicated nature of the character's personal lives and the easy interaction they are capable of makes this movie kind of fun to watch, but the pace of the movie is a bit stretched out. Filling in those gaps are some excellent performances from supporting actors like Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell as the siblings' love interests.

Bottom Line: An excellent comedic drama from some talented people.

Acting was excellent
Direction was very good
Cinematography was very good
Story was very good
Dialogue was very good



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