Rogue Dead Guy Ale

I had one of these many years ago when I was on my way to see a play. The beer was excessively expensive at the bar where I found myself, but I was celebrating a night out. I was disappointed in the choice, as it did not seem substantially better than any of the other beers they had available, and I never had one again until now. I suspect my appreciation for the subtleties has grown quite a bit since then.

The color is a deep amber with an orange and brown hue - the center almost looks red. The sticky head bubbles down to a manageable and thin cap with lacing that covers a small portion of the glass, but it's thick where it sits. The aroma is powerful and reeks of hops and malt. I may be fooling myself, but I think I smell oranges in there, too.

First sip is rich and complex. My previous experience was apparently rushed and left me with the wrong impression. This has too much to discern in a tiny sip, but I know I get a lot more malt than I expected from an ale. It's like biting into a flour-covered biscuit that once saw a picture of a hop. I expect I need a full draught.

Tip-in is carbonation and grainy malt. It's smooth from the start. The middle tickles the top of the mouth and the back of the throat with a bit of floral hops and a bit more bready malt. As the finish starts, a sweet tingle spreads across the tongue with another malty hunk of love waltzing down the gullet. The malt that ends it is sweet and lingering.

Bottom Line: A very good, malty beer for when you want a lager, but not if you prefer an ale.



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