New Belgium Lips Of Faith Wild2 Dubbel

What is Schisandra? It's a kind of flowering shrub, and these people made the decision to add it to their beer. These guys have very little idea as to how to make a regular beer, so hopes are not high for this one. However, I really want to try new beers, and this is new to me, so I'm going in.

The color is pretty dark brown with a slight reddish hue. The head is a good one - with small bubbles and a good amount of stickiness that leaves a lot of lacing on the sides and a blanket across the top of the beer. The aroma is a sour malt and floral highlights - which is exactly what I expected. The amount of aroma is pretty intimidating. What seems odd is that the sour smell really travels further than the rest of the aroma. Closer to the beer, the malt is more doughy than just sour.

First sip is strong. It's got clove and flowers and grains and sour mash and lots of other stuff all shoved into a syrup that doesn't really know what it's doing. I'm still not sure what the beer is going to taste like with a proper swig, but it has to be better than the sip. This is certainly not a sipping beer. Let's dig into the quaffing.

Tip-in is raspberries and carbonation bite with spices (mostly cloves) along with the sour malt. The middle is unexpectedly pleasant with more berries and the gentle malt (which loses its sourness). Then the finish hits like a Mack truck with even more sour and spices. The finish overwhelms the rest of the beer with an unpalatable, sour mess. The finish is too much for the rest of the beer to contend with. It needs managed, and it is NOT getting properly managed.

Bottom Line: Effort is high, but the result is less than spectacular.



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