Huyghe Delirium Tremens Belgian Ale

This bottle is odd. It has the feel of ceramic, but I'm pretty sure it's just painted glass. I've heard many people talk in hushed tones about this beer, but if it's anything like Arrogant Bastard, it is a good beer that can't live up to the hype. That said, Chimay certainly lived up to its reputation and then some.

The carbonation is pretty epic. The cork nearly took my head off, and you can see in the picture that the head is more than the beer that made it into the glass from the first pour. Yes, I know how to pour, and I pour the same way with every beer I have. But holy crap, there are a lot of bubbles. The color is a pale yellow with a touch of gold. The aroma is an odd one - it is musty yeast and dark spices. I have heard good things about this beer, but this is a questionable start.

First sip is actually significantly better than the aroma lead me to believe. It is a bit sour and a bit sweet. It's actually pretty impressive - a kind of sourdough sweet bread. The spices aren't as harsh as I had expected, either. They are a nice undertone of taste like poppy seeds on top of the bread; they add to the taste without overpowering anything. I wonder... could a big swig... might it... Yup. I'm going in.

Tip-in is lite spices and water with a bit of sour. Carbonation burn is pretty minimal, given how much I have seen. The middle is slightly more sour, and it goes down about as smoothly as you can expect a beer to slosh down a gullet. The finish hits with a harder sour and earthiness before drifting off into sweet cherries.

Bottom Line: This beer's reputation is greater than its taste, but its taste is pretty darn good.



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