Walk of Shame (2014)

They call this a comedy, but I'm not sure I actually laughed at any point. Still, it seemed entertaining enough for most of the movie. It IS a comedy, so expect unrealistic situations and reactions and ignoring easy solutions in favor of allowing the crisis to be prolonged at all times.

I like Elizabeth Banks. She's not exactly a household name, but she is well known and respected enough that she should be able to get her hands on a better script. She plays a local LA news anchor who is being courted by a national news network. When she doesn't get the position, she decides to drop her good girl reputation for a wild night with her girlfriends, and if things went well we wouldn't have a movie, would we?

You can kind of think of this movie as a female version of one of the Bachelor Party movies. Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright are the friends who take her out to get plastered, and they are so drunk themselves that they lose track of her and have to go back out to try to find her the next morning. Honestly, they are pretty terrible friends.

Ethan Suplee and Bill Burr are police officers who run across Elizabeth in the middle of the night and assume, based on her attire, that she is a prostitute and treat her accordingly. I don't remember seeing Bill Burr in any other movie, and he was really good in his role in this one. He essentially played himself if he had become a cop. He would make a very funny and easily annoyed cop. Ethan has lost a bunch of weight since he played the oafish brother in My Name Is Earl; otherwise, he was a non-entity.

James Marsden has taken off his unattractive Cyclops visor from the X-Men movies and hopped behind the bar at the upscale place the girls have picked for the night. When Elizabeth has had enough frivolity, he does her the courtesy of driving her to... his apartment where they continue drinking and performing acts upon each other. It is from his humble apartment that she begins the walk of shame that the movie is titled after. He's supposed to be a handsome placeholder for a male archetype, and not much is called for in the role.

Acting was decent
Story was dull
Dialog was witty, but not funny
Directing was okay
Cinematography was nothing spectacular



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