Authors Anonymous (2014)

This is a bland romance. It is about a group of writers (I know, shock of shocks - a Hollywood movie about writers!) who all have their own take on writing and meet once a week to give each other encouragement and help writing. It is filmed in the mock documentary style of so many Eugene Levy movies (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, etc.).

This is Kaley Cuoco's desperate attempt to leave her character from Big Bang Theory behind in favor of... hmmm. I guess she left it behind so she could essentially play the same character in this movie. I'm not sure if she is just pulling a Goldie Hawn and embracing the ditsy blonde stereotype for her own fame and fortune or if she actually can't play anything else. I suppose it doesn't matter in the context of this single review. In any event, she plays essentially the same very simple character who trades solely on her good looks and spunk. I'm not saying it's a bad character, but she's not breaking any new ground here.

Chris Klein is the cookie writer who is in the same writers' group as Kaley and harbors some significant non-friend feelings for her. While he is having troubles getting up the nerve to ask her out, he is giving himself writers' block. He does a pretty crappy job, but it's not like he has a great movie to contribute to.

Dennis Farina and Tricia Helfer are a couple, but only Dennis (playing a vet who writes Tom Clancey-style war movies) is a writer in the group. He is brusque and self-important to the point that you have to wonder how he ever got invited to the group or bothered to join it.

There are other actors in the group, some actors who are not in the group, and activity going on around the group, but I'm not going to bore myself going through them.

Direction was bad
Story was terrible
Acting was passable
Dialog was terrible
Editing was bad
Cinematography was bad



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