Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Sam puts out more beers, I think, than anyone else. Those guys love their beer, and they produce so many damn beers that it's hard to keep up with them. But I usually like their beers, so I'll try to keep up as best I can.

The head disappears like summer love - with nothing left behind but a memory and the impression of something lost. The thin skim of foam left on the top is simply a reminder of what was. The beer presents as a warm straw color with a definite haze. It smells of lemons and light biscuits. I've been looking forward to a beer all day, and the time has come - it better be good.

I have my first sip, and I have to say that it's not a great one. It's watery and the malt is so heavy and the floral notes are so strong that it sets the whole beer up for failure. the floral notes hit in the nose before the mouth even gets a chance to fight it, not that it tries to fight it all that hard. I'm going for a swig.

Tip-in is that distinct floral note mixed with lemon followed by a light carbonation across the mouth. As the pull continues, the beer's grains hit hard. They are followed by a very watery middle and then transitions to an unpleasantness for the finish. Carbonation hits the roof of the mouth, and the wheat kicks me in the tonsils and takes my lunch money. It runs across the tongue and its remnants just sit there, annoying the crap out of my taste buds.

I'm usually a fan of Sam, but this is one that should go in the bin.



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