Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

Sam. Sam makes beer, and I drink it. It's like the perfect combination. I still cannot get over the staggering number of beers that Sam puts out during any given year, and this is just the latest. Sam's average beer is very good, and the exceptional beers are fan-freaking-tastic. Let's all hope that this is in the latter category.

The aroma is lemon and sweet malt. The head goes away so completely that the beer (with its clear orange-tinted gold color) could be mistaken for apple juice were it not for the overpowering aroma of lemon. It's like they decided that the people sitting on the porch should be drinking lemonade, and they were going to make some lemonade for those people to drink, even if it had to be made out of beer. 

A sip is a very light lager. It definitely tastes of beer, with a grainy malt that isn't all that bad, but it's kind of bland when put up against the lemon that permeates the beer. While I'm not on a porch rocker right now, I could see this being a good beer for lounging about on a warm summer day. Possibly. Really, it depends on the swig, doesn't it? I mean, I've sipped beers, and that's nice and all...

Tip-in is light lemon with a whole lot of carbonation hitting everywhere in the mouth all at once. The middle is a watery lemonade with not enough sugar and a scosche of yeast added. The finish hits with harder lemon and a bit of biscuit. It's not a bad combo, but it's not what I have come to expect from Sam. It is just too bland to be a good beer, and the lemon makes it more of a kind of shanty than a beer, and I'm not too fond of shantys.



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