Old Fort Liquor and Wine

After opening up my most recent purchase from this establishment, I decided to go ahead and write a review of it. The place is located on Cason Lane in Murfreesboro, TN just off Old Fort Parkway (highway 96). The building is separated into the side that serves pretty much just beer and the side that serves mostly liquor and wine.

The image to the left (courtesy of their web site) shows the delineation but not the dispersal. Only the door on the furthest left is for beer. Most of the building is dedicated to hard liquor and wine. As I really only like beer, I was only interested in a small portion of their place.

The fact is, the beer on the shelves are safe enough, and buying a Bud or Coors Light is a damn fresh beer. However, I tend to buy from the build-your-own-six-pack from the cooler. I averaged about 50% skunked beer from there. It seems like they leave beer out for a while, and then they put it in that section when it doesn't sell. I have, decided for all future beer purchases, I will never again buy from this section.

This being Tennessee, "high gravity" beers are kept with the hard liquor. Well, I just got back from buying beers from that section, and I discovered that the very first beer I went to try (Angry Wolf Imperial IPA) was brewed two freaking years ago. What is wrong with these people? How can they hate their customers this much? A beer shouldn't be on the floor for more than 6 months at the most before you give it back to the distributor.

I am never buying another beverage from this place. I recommend that no one else does.



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