13 Sins (2013)

This is one of those movies where you wonder what the real motivation of someone is as soon as the movie starts. Mark Webber plays a guy who gets a phone call that enrolls him in a game where he must perform 13 actions, with increasing payout for each action. If he stops, he loses everything. He's got debt, and he's looking to get married, so money is the initial motivation. Not being a gambler, I don't agree with many of his choices.

Mark is mystified most of the time and running ragged the rest of the time. He reminds me of Shia LaBeouf in Transformers - always running around without any concept of the big picture and a seemingly endless amount of luck. He blindly does things that would give the average man pause, and (as you might expect) each task is more difficult and dangerous than the last.

Rutina Wesley, Tara from True Blood, is the bride to be, and she doesn't seem to have as good of a grasp of what is motivating Mark as you would think a betrothed woman would have. She plays the mystified girlfriend well enough, but her character isn't really central to the story, she is just a little added motivation for Mark to get his tasks done.

Ron Perlman is a cop who is following the mayhem left in Mark's wake. Ron grumbles a bit, looks menacingly at the camera, and shakes his head. Aside from that, he doesn't do much for the movie. The movie really boils down to Mark's acting and the pace of the story; the idea is to not let up with the challenges enough to let anyone think too much about what just happened or what might lie before Mark.

Direction was good
Acting was decent
Story was weak
Dialog was okay
Cinematography was not great



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