Woodchuck Winter Hard Cider

I tried a Woodchuck cider before, and it was not a great success. I've had some success with other ciders, though. I really hope this one is one of the good ones.

The color is... these ciders are all pretty much the same color, am I right? I bet I could put them all side by side, and the variation in color would be so negligible that light source would probably have more of an effect. So, we wind up with a beverage that looks mysteriously like apple juice. Want to guess what it smells like? Nope - apple juice. Okay, apple juice with a bit alcohol.

First sip is pretty good. It's not too tart nor is it too sweet. It's got a bit of oak in there, and it definitely has a more significant alcohol taste than I would normally expect in one of these ciders. However, I suspect there is a bit more to this than meets the tongue. Time to go in for a gulp...

The tip-in is a pretty solid oak flavor. The middle reminds me of bark and maybe apple stems, but it's definitely sweet. The finish turns somewhat for the worse. It's kind of a dirt and root end that is decidedly not nice. The sweet middle - even with its stems - just isn't enough to overcome this end. They need to work on it.

Bottom Line: This is definitely different than the first one I tried, and differentiation is hard when it comes to apple ciders. unfortunately, it doesn't guarantee success. But hey! It's gluten free!



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