Woodchuck 802 Hard Cider

I got this Woodchuck Hard Cider sampler pack. I want to taste what the different varieties of cider are like to see if any of them might be decent replacements for beer on a particular night. I've had some in the past, and they have been both good and bad. This is my third Woodchuck after the Fall and Winter versions failed to be very good.

The color is a slightly darker apple juice with a very slight red tint. As with the others, the slight carbonation doesn't mean there is going to be a head on this.  The aroma is almost identical to the Winter cider I had just the other day.

The first sip tells me they just switched the labels in order to create a different beverage. Seriously, couldn't they have at least used a different kind of apple? I mean, there are so many damn types of apple in the world that they HAVE to make different flavored cider, right? Or am I nuts? How can you start with a Granny Smith and wind up with the same tasting cider that you would if you used a Red Delicious?

Maybe... just maybe... a full swig will properly reveal some slight difference that a sip just can't.

And... no. The taste is the same. I still think the color is slightly darker. But there doesn't seem to be a good reason for it. Maybe they let it sit around a little longer than the other? Well, it doesn't show up in the taste. It's kind of shameful that the manufacturer would produce beverages that are so similar and yet market them as different. It doesn't make sense to me.



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