Smithwick's Premium Irish Ale

From the makers of Guinness. Yes, the people who ruined a perfectly good bottle of delicious Guinness bring you this Irish Ale. Honestly, sticking "Premium" on something usually either means that you've decided to charge more for it, or you're trying to make an average beverage seem more upscale. I'm not going to go into this with any preconceived ideas, though.

The color is a darkish brown with red overtones. It has a head that goes down slowly and leaves a respectable amount of lacing on the sides. The aroma is more malty and floral than I would have expected for an ale. It's got a metallic smell around the outside of it that robs it of any warmth the floral scent might have given it. It's personality so far is restrained and unloving.

First sip isn't bad. It's more malty with a kind of caramel malt with nuts and bread - kind of stale bread. I'm not really sure what I expected from the beer, but this is not really a friendly, easy-drinking beer. It has a bite that is a bit too harsh. Perhaps... just perhaps.... GULP TIME!

Tip-in is that nutty taste followed by a carbonation wave. The middle hits with the metallic taste surrounded by the bread. For some reason, the bread tastes more moist than stale. The finish is more harsh with its more stale bread and yet more nuts. The metallic taste is more profound, and the whole thing just kind of sucks. I wish this was a better beer, and I'm not going to have another. I mean, it's not necessarily the worst ever, but how did anyone Irish come up with this?

I wanted to like it.
I wanted it to be good.



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