Samuel Adams Cold Snap

If I wasn't simply impressed with the high quality of Sam Adams' beer, I would have to be impressed with the sheer number of beers that they put out. This one is one of their many - I'm going to say 15,000 - seasonal brews.

The color is an excessively murky straw with a head that boils down to a thin film that does not like to stick to the sides. There are a few straggler bubbles still clinging, but they will give up soon. The aroma is orange with a bit of spice. It puts me in mind of a wheat beer rather than a white ale. At the same time, the spices are reminiscent of Old Fezziwig.

First sip is very wheat. You can taste the grains hard, and they fade away to citrus and spice. I have to say that my first impression is a good one. It's crisp and clean. It goes down fast, and it has enough taste to keep you interested while not being overwhelming. It might have a bit too much citrus. Maybe. Only a big swig will be able to tell us for sure.

Time to take one for the team.

Tip-in is more in the nose than in the mouth. The aroma of citrus is very strong, but the taste is very, very mild. Carbonation isn't even a factor through the whole drink. The middle is lightly spices with heavy grains. The grains intensify as the finish starts. The finish really brings those grains home and adds even more spice and citrus. It's a very clean finish.

It's a decent beer, and I could see knocking back a few of these, but it's not the best that Sam has to offer.



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