Hell Baby (2013)

I have seen Scary Movie, and I have not liked Scary Movie. While I like comedies and generally like horror movies, the fusion of them is really hard to get right. The original Army of Darkness was a great example of properly combining the two, and even the original Scream did a good job of lampooning horror movies while on its way to becoming a series ripe for spoofing itself.

Rob Corddry is the main character in this movie, and I have liked him since he was on The Daily Show. He, and his wife played by Leslie Bibb, just bought a house in New Orleans that they plan on fixing up and living in. It's in a bad neighborhood, and the locals refer to it as the House of Blood among other names. So, it's clearly not going to go well. Things are further complicated by the fact that Leslie is pregnant with twins.

Keegan Michael Key does a fantastic job with the quirkiest character, F'resnel. He's kind of like the next door neighbor, but he's more of a squatter in the house itself. He talks fast and funny, and startles the home owners on a regular basis. I can't say enough how the movie just wouldn't have worked without him.

Eventually, Riki Lindhome shows up as Leslie's sister. I love Riki in Garfunkel and Oats, and I've seen her do a very good job in a number of roles since then. She does a very good job as the flighty and spiritual sister who just so happens to spend an entire scene naked.

Periphery characters include a couple of priests played by Reno 9-1-1 cop Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon. these two actually wrote the movie, and they are an interesting enough side story about priests who are non-traditional to say the least. They come to help rid the house and babies of demons.

The movie is funny without being over-the-top like I have usually found Scary Movie and similar Wayans brother comedies to be. Instead, it has a general ground in reality that is good enough to make the straight man - played by Corddry - sympathetic without being slapstick.

Humor was generally good
Acting was decent
Story was a good premise
Dialog was funny for the most part
Directing was very good



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