Sea Dog Wild Blueberry

Another gift from my brother, I put the antlers back on this time. The antlers, nose, and eyes are my brother's cute way of wrapping. I like it. I also like my brother for knowing exactly what I enjoy - beer. This time, the beer is a blueberry from Maine. I'm not sure if I will like it or not, but my brother has pretty good taste, and his wife also recommended it, and she has better taste (in general) than he does, so let's see what's up.

Color is light copper, and it's not nearly as light as most of the other wheat beers I've had before. I was hoping for a slight blue tint - no Smurfs blue, mind you - but I don't see any even in the head. Speaking of the head, it goes away completely. I can see a very, very think ring around the sides, but we have no lacing, and the top is as naked as a centerfold. The aroma is something else. I smell Blueberry muffins - I can almost taste the sweet layer of sugar on top. With that, I also get the background of wheat and some sweet malt.

First sip is - shockingly - blueberries. It is like a distilled, watered down blueberry bagel more than the muffin I had been expected. The sweetness is gone from it, and there is more bread than I had expected. I suppose that is probably coming from the malt. The wheat is perceptible, but just barely.

A bigger swig reveals more of the same. That said, it's not bad. I know I've had some cherry beers that I haven't been too nice to, and that was because the flavor overwhelmed to the point of losing the beer. This definitely has a wheat beer backing it, and wheat beers often have fruits added. I usually see oranges or some other citrus, but blueberry doesn't do too badly here.



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