Hours (2013)

Paul Walker doesn't have many films left in his career. With CG (which I anticipate will be a large portion of his role in Fast and Furious 7) he may be in lots of films after this, for all I know. But, this was his foray into a drama.

The movie has loads of flashbacks to let us know how we got the the start, but the start of the movie is where Paul's wife, played by the lovely, oddly-named Genesis Rodriguez, is in labor, and things are going badly. We learn pretty quickly that there is also a hurricane descending on the area. Shortly thereafter, we also learn that it is Katrina, and we are in New Orleans.

So, the wife dies, a baby is born, and the hospital needs to be evacuated. Not surprisingly, they leave Paul and his new baby alone in the hospital. The power goes out, and he has to struggle against all of the forces conspiring to kill his baby who cannot be moved from the stationary incubator. There are a lot of logical disconnects about what he could do to help his situation and what he actually tries, but that is the nature of these movies.

Paul does a very good job of getting across the idea that he is worried, frustrated, tired, and anxious at various stages of this movie. He struggles with having to deal with a limited number of other people, the loss of his wife, the euphoria of having a new baby, and the sparseness of supplies.

The movie itself reminded me of the movie HCA made of how they moved out all of their patients from the Tulane hospital during the flood. It is unthinkable for a hospital to not account for every patient during an evacuation, and normal procedures would not have allowed this whole movie to happen, but I'll suspend my disbelief - it's just that it tries to vilify the system in a very heavy-handed way.

Directing was good
Acting was good
Story was reasonable
Editing was pretty good
There were continuity issues



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