Paranoia (2013)

This is a movie about a business power struggle. It was written by someone in Hollywood who considers himself a screen writer, so he has absolutely no actual understanding of business or the internal struggles of it. So, this is all set up to go well, am I right?

Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors. He can play pretty much any damn role you give him. In this, he plays an angry, vengeful business tycoon whose mentor has a distinct business advantage, and Gary is desperate to save his company and destroy his old friend.

To that end, he blackmails Liam Hemsworth, who plays a young up-and-comer who has made a few bad choices in life, into working for this other company to get info about a secret security technology that will allow anyone to spy on any phone anywhere. The tech, incidentally, is not really the point of the story. That's good, because we all know that there's no way any technology like that actually exists.

And there's the victim in this game, played by a man you've probably never heard of, Harrison Ford. No, he's not the Ford of Ford Motor Company fame. He was involved in some space opera or something and then some Nazi propaganda films. Either way, the distressingly tight haircut belies his encroaching elderliness.

We also have two women that appear to have been put in here because we needed to have a love interest and a henchman (or henchwoman, as the case may be). Amber Heard does a good enough job as the love interest, and Embeth Davidtz has the oddest name I've recently encountered, but she also does a fine job. Really, Hemsworth is the worst of the actors. His character isn't particularly believable to begin with, and he doesn't help matters with his questionable acting ability.

Acting was generally good
Story was pretty bland
Directing was okay
Pacing was slow
Cinematography was okay



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