Twisted Tea Original

This is not beer. I have to remind myself of these things when I start to drink something that I'm going to review for this blog. Fact is, I tend to be harsh about things that are not beer, and it is unjustified. I'm working through my prejudices. I still hold that calling a cider an "ale" is opening yourself up to a world of hurt from me, Redd.

This smells like iced tea with a bit of alcohol added to it. It looks pretty much like what sweet tea looks like. There isn't a head, because iced tea isn't supposed to have a head. The fact that the bottle says, "True Iced tea Taste" implies that I will be tasting something that is essentially iced tea with a hit of alcohol. And really, what else would you expect? This is a very straight-forward beverage.

First sip, and it tastes like unsweetened iced tea with a little bit of alcohol. It's almost like they just brewed the iced tea in an old whiskey barrel, but it was a very bland whiskey. It's not an entirely bad taste, and I could see situations where you might want to have a beverage like this. Usually, I like a very flavorful beer, but every now and then, I just like something that is eminently drinkable.

I bigger swig reveals that the alcohol twinge is a bit more than I could tell before. My wife drinks more iced tea than I do, and she says that it tastes like they added vinegar to it. I'm not sure that I agree with her, but I guess I can see that. It's not going to be my go-to beverage anytime soon. In fact, if I wanted a non-beer alcoholic beverage that was very drinkable, I'd go for a Strongbow Dry Cider.

So, not a complete waste, but not something I'm going to find myself drawn to again.



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