Tap Room No. 21 Shebeen Shandy

The Tap Room Pale Ale was crap. The Copper Lager was okay. The Amber Ale was top notch. This beer bills itself as a temporary beer that is a "flavored ale." I like all my beers to have flavor, and I guess flavor always gets added with some ingredient, so I'm not entirely sure where they are going unless they specifically added things that don't normally belong in a beer. I guess we'll find out, won't we?

The color is a watery, hazy light gold. The head is a little sticky, but it runs away for the most part. There is barely a sheen on top of the beverage. It's got a little floral scent to it, and it has a huge citrus aroma. It is VERY orange. There might be some lemon, too. Shandys are best tried in the summer, and today was a bit cool, but I'm going to go ahead and try it out.

First sip is rough. It bites with a carbonation sting and then follows with a sickly sweet citrus. The whole thing makes me think of a synthetic orange cough drop. Wait - a sugar-free synthetic orange cough drop. There might be a bit of dishwater in there with it. So, the slow sip does not make me a fan. Time to drink like a man.

A bigger swig is a slight improvement at best. The finish is now coated in some kind of lemon liquor. It's not as bad as the sip was, but it's still pretty horrible. I'm sure there's a market out there for this, but I'm not it.

I'm starting to suspect that the Amber was the nut that the blind squirrel managed to find. Tap Room seems to be targeting the hipster crowd of people who like the look of a label and don't care about the taste. I have to admit that I'll be gun shy next time I see a Tap Room beer that I haven't tried.



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