Dos Equis XX Ambar (Amber Lager)

My week of Mexican beer isn't going as great as I'd hoped. Tecate was just bad. Sol better, but not actually good. I've got two beers left in this particular quiver, and I really hope things turn around. I remember having a Dos Equis in the past, and I am not really sure I remember what it even tasted like.

The color is a deep amber - a lot darker than most of the other ambers I've had. The substantial head goes away and leaves an exceptionally think cap on the beverage. The aroma is weak but malty with some citrus in there.

First sip is kind of weak - like the aroma was. The taste is mostly watery with a bit of sweet malt. There is probably some grain alongside, but I'm not picking out any hops in there. A second sip reveals a tiny sliver of citrus at most, but nothing else. Ambers tend to be fairly bland in general, and this one is more bland than most of the others I've had.

A bigger draught give the beer a whole different character. Tip-in is just as bland as before, but the carbonation builds up quickly as a slightly acidic burning that flourishes right before the finish takes over. The finish itself has the sweet malt that is completely covered with an unpleasant carbonation throughout the whole mouth. Trail-off is slightly bitter as the carbonation lets loose its hold on the mouth.

The whole taste and effect is not positive. If you're eating something with it, it may cover the taste, but that's not what beer is about, is it? It should taste good on its own and compliment food. the food should not be a crutch. With this beer, anything that can be used as a crutch should probably be considered.



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