Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Another Sam Beer. I have enjoyed a few, and Sam's beers have been surprisingly good in the recent past. Some have been absolutely outstanding. So, my expectation for this cherry wheat is mixed. I've had some good wheat beers lately, but adding the cherry seems like it's got to be a mistake. I guess there is only one way to find out.

The color is an ever so slightly hazy gold with just a hint of red. the head leaves a good film across the top with a firm ring around the edges. the aroma is more interesting than I had suspected. It is kind of malty/hoppy with an overwhelming cherry scent. I mean, I have had straight cherry juice in the past, and I would easily mistake this for some Juicey Juice.

The taste is... unique. The first sip is a touch of carbonation followed by malt and cherry. Then, I get the distinct impression that I've bitten into a cherry pit. It's not the best taste I've ever had. The finish is more smokey than I would have expected, and it is fringed with cherry. Honestly, this is a pretty big let down.

The savior of many drinks has been the big swig, and I'm going to try that out now.

That didn't improve things at all. There is a brief respite from the cherry onslaught right in the middle, where it tends to water down, but then it comes back with a vengeance. This is not the beer I had hoped for. It was not the beer I expected. It was not the beer that Sam Adams is capable of making. It is the beer that they produced for a very small crowd, and it is bet forgotten.



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