Yazoo Pale Ale

Another Nashville beverage. I hope there are more to come, and I hope they are awesome.

The color is a clear, light honey. The head is average, and it dissipates to a light ring around the top of the glass. The aroma is hoppy and citrus, and I could smell it pretty well just when pouring it. Now that it's sitting, it's not as pungent as I had expected. That's just fine.

First sip is okay... at first. The initial taste is classic pale ale. It has a good hard hop taste right of the bat, but then something happens. It's like a Jekyll/Hyde thing. Right when it hits the back of the throat, it starts to turn into a kind of malty, slightly citrus, spicy something that it not particularly palatable. Can't say I'm overly impressed.

In a bigger draught, this is better. The tastes are still the same, but they are spread out, so the back end becomes just the finish, and the two tastes are allowed to mingle with each other in the middle. The effect is pretty good in the middle, but the finish is still not great.

I had hoped for more from Nashville, but there isn't a lot of competition for local brewers, and Yazoo would definitely benefit from some good beverages. This one is a good try, but the end result isn't much to be proud of. It's drinkable, but it is unfortunate in its ultimate execution.



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