Enter Nowhere (2011)

There are some things to note right off the bat. Sara Paxton is only distantly related to Bill Paxton, the generally bad actor who somehow manages to keep getting acting gigs. Scott Eastwood IS Clint's son, and he has a similar squint that is already getting started. Katherine Waterston is the sister of Elisabeth Waterston. Yes, THAT Elizabeth Waterson! Nope, I never heard of either of them, but it was an essential fact on IMDB.

This movie is about three people who wind up in the middle of the woods in a shack together. I've seen quite a few films like this where the idea is that a group of very different people are put somewhere - they don't know why - and they have to try and figure it all out. The most notable example is Cube, but this movie is no Cube. It's not necessarily bad, but Cube was very much better.

I really don't want to give away the significant plot points, because they are really the only thing holding any attention in this movie. The characters are intentionally polarizing, and it is kind of hard to significantly sympathize with any of them. You have Sara as the bitchy girl looking our only for herself, Katherine as the milquetoast wife waiting for her husband, and Scott as the disassociated jock who is too scattered to come up with a substantial plan.

The general story is okay. Really, you watch this kind of movie to see the predicament that they are in, what their reactions are, and to imagine what you would do in their positions. In a good version of this style movie, you would challenge your own conclusions a few times, and the idea of a black and white world would be dismissed. In this movie, there is less of that. The characters don't change very much, and the decisions as to what to do are ultimately not all that important.

Cinematography is okay.
Acting is okay.
Direction is okay.
Story is not great.
Dialogue is downright crappy at times.



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