Third Shift Band of Brewers Amber Lager

This manufacturer claims to be a "Band of Brewers" who don't stop working when the day shift is over. As a band, they report to be from both Fort Worth, TX and Trenton, OH. So, I wish I could tell you where this beer was from, but they don't divulge that kind of information. Presumably, it wouldn't matter, anyway. After all, this is distributed by Coors, and probably actually brewed in Colorado.

The beer is a clear amber color - no surprises there. The head is dense but not thick. It dissipates to a thin layer gripping the sides. The aroma is malty - not a whole lot of citrus or any hops in there. I can smell some bread or dough in there with it pretty well.

First sip is a good one. The malt has a very bread taste to it. There isn't a hint of any sweet malt in there. That is not to say that it's bad, though. It has a hint of caramel in there, but I'm really not tasting the hops at all.

Time to take a big swig and see what this beer is made of.

A big swig is pretty nice. It has the same flavor as before, but there is a bit of sweet in the middle alongside the taste of fresh baked bread. As the beer warms, the bread taste gets heavier. It augments the taste in the middle, but the initial taste and finish are the same as before.

It's a very good beer - I would say that the amber lagers are quickly earning a place in my heart and in my fridge. I had always leaned toward amber ales as far as amber beers go, but this really seems like a sweet spot for the lager style beverages.



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