Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale

My last Goose Island beer was a very good beer. This one is a wheat, so I would expect it not to fair as well in my rating, as good wheat beers seem fairly rare. Still, I recall being pleasantly surprised by the last one, and I hope I'll get the same thing from this one.

The head is big-bubbled and sticky. It boils down to a thin veneer on the top of the beer with a firm grip on the sides of the glass. The beverage is a bit foggy and the color is very close to the darker yellow used on the label. I expected it to be a bit brighter than it is, but presentation isn't everything. The aroma is a bit lemony and malty, but it's not overly pungent.

First sip is not bad at all. the overall taste is a grainy malt with a citrus (mostly lemon with a hint of orange). The malt brings a good amount of sweetness to the beverage, but it trails off toward the finish. At the end there, you can still taste a hint of sweet, but it gets pretty watery. I could imagine drinking quite a few of these without batting an eye. But, if I were to do that, I'd probably drink in big swigs - so let's see what that's like.

Mostly more of the same, but the big difference is in the middle of the gulp. The middle adds to the kind of laid-back, almost watery sweetness taste, but it's bracketed on both sides by the grainy citrus, so it feels like it works out pretty well. 

All told, it's a pretty good beverage. Like the Goose Island IPA I had before, it is noticeably better than average. It doesn't achieve true greatness, but it definitely does the style proud. There aren't a whole lot of wheat beers I would go out of my way to order at a bar, but I wouldn't think twice about having another one of these. I may look for more Goose Island beers in the future.



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