Victoria Lager

This was originally going to be a Smithwicks entry, but the one I got was skunked, so I'll go with what I have. This one comes to me from Mexico.

This is a very clear beverage, and it's dark in color for a lager. It's a deep golden color with an aroma that is light, but heavy in malt. It being a lager, I'm only mildly interested in it in the first place, but I figured I would give it a shot. I have had very few beers from our neighbor to the South, and I can't imagine I've tasted a representative sample.

First sip is not brilliant. It tastes a bit stale, and the malt itself is not particularly impressive. There is a hint of hops with a bunch of watered down grains in there - something like straw or similar, I guess. It's not great. I'm not looking forward to the big draught at this point, but why not?

That's a good reason not to. It's a watery glass of sick. It's really not my taste, and I suspect it is not most people's. The idea that this was good enough to import is along the lines of the King of Beers selling as well as it does. There is an audience for everything, and this has to find its audience somewhere other than at my home or on my lips. The taste is quite off-putting, and I wish I had a different, assuredly better, beer to wash the taste from my mouth.

This one, then, will not return to my glass, and I hope it doesn't show up in yours unless you like watery lagers with kind of a crappy taste. I really don't understand how a brewmaster can be happy with this as their final product. It HAS to go against everything they've been taught - assuming they didn't just start brewing and said, "Hey, this tastes like crap, so let's sell it!"



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