Anderson Valley IPA

It's possible this beer has additional names. It was referred to on the menu at this restaurant as the above name, but I suspect it has "Hop Ottin'" or something stupid added to it wherever you may encounter it. I picked it from a list of available beverages on tap at this particular bar, and I hope it was a good choice. I had a lot of other options, including Guinness, and it will be a waste if it isn't great.

The head is sticky and thin with a remarkable lack of demarcation between the main head and the sides. Aroma smells of distant hops and some malt. the color is reddish tint - almost copper. 

First sip is a mild and good bite of hops, but the finish is too harsh. The malts are doing nothing to help out. Right in the middle, the malt should kick in, and it doesn't. It's as if it works to smooth the initial taste and then abandons your tongue right there in the middle. The finish is too harsh for the rest of the taste. 

A bigger draught improves things a bit. It makes the middle stretch its legs and mellows the tipping point to the finish well enough to make the finish not seem disjointed and disconnected from the rest of the drink. It's certainly not a bad beer, but it tries too hard to be complex by being harsh as a substitute.

I would probably get this beer again, but not at a place that has this big of a selection to choose from. It's not a bad choice, when selection is limited, but it's not a good choice when you have a hundred beers on tap or even a hundred beers in bottles to choose from.



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