Warm Bodies (2013)

Ever see the movie Fido? I have to do a review of that movie when I get a chance. I was reminded of that movie quite a bit throughout this one, but this one was definitely better. I was afraid I would hate this movie, as it would be some kind of teen romance with supernatural elements - along the lines of Twilight. Man, I hated Twilight.

I was surprised, consequently, when this turned out to be entertaining. Rob Corddry, for example, does a great job with what is a clearly limiting role. The basic idea is that there is a zombie plague, and one of the guys who is a zombie is slowly reverting back to humanity. To assist in his reverting is a hot blonde who he falls in love with while eating her boyfriend's brain. For some reason, he is able to remember things that the guy has experienced by eating the guy's brain. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the post-apocalypse world, but the movie doesn't go into any of them.

Instead, we follow our hero's progression toward humanity while his love interest slowly comes to understand his transformation and growing affection. All the while John Malkovich searches for his daughter in the wastes of suburbs that contain nothing but the undead. Adding to this mix is an evil force of really, really undead people who are looking to dine on anything that moves.

So, as the future father-in-law comes to grips with the changing enemy, the new enemy rears its head, and the two formerly opposing sides have to unite to defeat them. It's a simple tale that has been told many times, but this comes off as new enough that it is entertaining to watch.

Cinematography is good.
Direction is good.
Storyline is good.
Dialogue is okay.
Editing is good.
Effects are good.



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