Oblivion (2013)

Ah, the great post apocalypse. It's the setting for more sci-fi films than I can count, and they aren't all winners. The default prospect is that humans did something horrible to the world, and now there are a few people left who are dealing with the aftermath.

Tom Cruise is certainly trying these days, isn't he. This movie cost $120,000,000 to make and it has, to date, made $90,000,000. I'm no math wiz, but that does not bode well for this type of movie. Honestly, it's hard to imagine where they put the $120m. The effects were very good, but they aren't THAT much more spectacular than other movies costing considerably less. In fact, they are only slightly better than a few of the video games I've played lately.

The background for the Earth of this reality is that things went bang and stuff is bad. Radiation zones are all over, and there are powerplants that need protected. To that end, there are drones that protect them, and our hero is out there to repair those drones on a shoestring budget. It's unclear what is attacking them most of the time, but that's on purpose.

The relationship that Tom has with his partner/wife/whatever is a confusing one. I've seen the whole movie, and I know why things are the way they are, and I still don't really understand that relationship. Now, I've worked break-fix jobs in my life, and I can't imagine the tech support job that would result in the giant glass house with the built-in pool and every comfort you can imagine. I guess the biggest downside is that they don't seem to have any entertainment aside from copious amounts of sex.

I find myself again in the position where I don't want to give any more of the story than I have to. Morgan Freeman is on screen a few times, but he doesn't do all that much. His role here reminds me of his role in Wanted where he plays a person who is pivotal to the story, but he pretty much phones it in.

The directing was good.
Editing was good.
Cinematography was excellent.
Effects were very good.
Story was mediocre.
Dialogue was pretty bad.
Acting was moderate.



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