Victory Headwater Pale Ale

I have had many beers from Victory Brewing. They produce quite a few variations, and most of them are very good. They hail from my home state of Pennsylvania, and they're probably the second best brewer that I can think of in that state. Stoudt's brewing is their major competition since the little brewpub off the main drag in downtown Gettysburg shut down.

It's a clear beverage with a slightly reddish copper color. It's an average consistency one inch head that leaves a nice cap on the beer with a thickening around the edges. The aroma is hoppy. It really reminds me of Victory's Hop Devil beer, but I hope this brings something else to the table. That said, Hop Devil is a good beer, so it could be worse.

First sip, and it's a world of Hop Devil. There may be a touch less hops relative to the malt, but it's only minor. This is very hoppy, and has that signature bitterness at the end. It tastes as if it is slightly sweeter in the brief finish as a result of that malt. Other than that, we're dealing with a bunch of delicious hops. And a beer with this much vitality needs to be imbibed with more gusto than a simple sip... It's quaffing time.

Oh, that's good. It's not Lagunita's good, but it's crisp and comparatively mild. It's a beer I could see kicking back and downing quite a few of. A while ago, my brother sent me an article on how beer snobs were destroying beer with their obsession with hops. This beer doesn't go over the top with hops, but it makes a nice bed of hops for your tastebuds to lie down on. as the beer warms, it becomes even more mild and drinkable, but I don't think I would let it get too warm... that tends to make the hops do bad things.



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