Atwater Dirty Blonde Ale

The last Atwater beer I had was decidedly over-carbonated. This one is mildly under-carbonated. Keep working at it, guys, and you'll eventually get it right. This one is a blonde, and I hope I didn't make a bad choice. I've had a few bad blondes in my day, and it kind of put me off of them. Nevertheless, it's time to hop back on that horse (or Chrysler 200 - this beer is imported from Detroit).

It's a dirty beer; it's very cloudy. It's a dark-ish straw color. I mean, it's dark for straw. The aroma is slightly hoppy and a bit malty. It doesn't overwhelm with the amount of aroma coming from it. I think I detect hints of citrus in there, too. I could be fooled into thinking this was a wheat beer based entirely on the smell.

First sip allays my fears about it being a wheat beer. Its a bit fruity with sweetness of malt. I'm not actually detecting much in way of hops, but I'm not too put off. The whole thing is smooth as it goes down. I think I could stand more flavor in my beer, but this might be good if I was just sitting back and drinking with a buddy.

Drinking like a proper Irishman yields no significant differences - more beer is gone from my glass, but the taste doesn't really reveal anything different. it's possible I taste a bit of hops around the fringes, but don't hold me to that.

All told, this is a pretty decent beer. There just doesn't seem to be enough taste there for drinking... sigh ... all alone <sob>. But, I'm not alone! I have a dirty blonde!



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