Victory Summer Love Ale

Hailing from Downingtown, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) comes this cloudy, straw-colored beer. I've had a few Victory beers in my day, and I've already posted a review of Golden Monkey. As a result of my past experiences with this brewery, I'm really looking forward to this seasonal.

The head is small, but sturdy. It goes away slowly, but it leaves a good cap on the beer with a heavier ring around the edges. It's a picture-perfect beer. The aroma is more malty than hoppy, and it has a tinge of citrus in there, as well.

The first sip is bitter. The hops are overwhelming the malt right from the start, and they never let the taste go. Even the straw taste that is in the beginning (after the initial bite) is laced with the bitterness. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is a really hoppy beer, but the bitterness is just woven into the rest of the beer with a tenacity that even more hoppy and better beers can't do. But, it has been my experience that the bigger your draught, the better tasting most hoppy beers are.

Yup, that did the trick. Now the bitterness has been relegated to the finish, and the start of the beer is mildly hoppy and malty with that grain taste sitting underneath it. The middle is clean and smooth with no real prevailing taste. Than there is that finish with the bitterness and the distinct taste of hops. It's better fast - as quite a few beers are.

As a summer beer, this is pretty good. It's not the best that Victory has to offer, but that's why it's not made all year round. A summer beer has to compliment the sunny days, and this one would be great on one. In fact, today was one, so I guess I can say that it is definitely good.



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