Dead Man Down (2013)

Colin Farrell hasn't made many good movies lately. You might say his career is in a bit of a rut. He was never really sure what kind of actor he wanted to be when he grew up, and it seems like he is intent not to ever have to make that choice. Instead, he will continue to play bumbling dudes in thrillers. I guess maybe he made his choice.

The many posters feature different parts of this movie. The one I included in this review features the most implausible stunts they did. The story is all about revenge. Colin is a man out for blood. BLOOD, I SAY!

The gangsters in this movie are some of the stupidest guys you can possibly imagine. They do no leg work to validate people who work for them, and it actually takes the dumbest guy among them to stitch everything together and figure out that Colin is the one destroying them from the inside. Mind you, he's fairly inept at it.

Terrence Howard is a good actor, but he gets B roles. Ask yourself why. It's because he is very soft-spoken. It's hard to take him seriously as a bad guy when he speaks like your elderly aunt. It's not surprising that they didn't give him the role of War Machine in Iron Man 2. I mean, he did an okay job in the first one, but he just doesn't radiate that manliness that he needs to for most of these roles.

Anyway, the story continues and stuff happens.

The camerawork was good.
The acting was decent.
The direction was not all that great.
The story was moderate.
The dialogue was pretty horrid.



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