Boulder Beer Company Hazed and Infused

The thing you have to watch for with something playfully named after something closely associated with hippies is that they try to be wacky, nutty, and out-there. As a result, they add stuff that doesn't need to be in beer at all. "How wacky and awesome is it to add jalapeños to beer, huh? Aren't we thinking out side the box?"

Well, let's dig in.

This dry-hopped beer is a hazy copper color. The head is moderate, and it dissipate slowly to a thin crown and stays. The aroma is very hoppy with a hint of floral. There's definitely a sweet malt in the aroma as well, but its hidden well under the hops.

First impression is that it's very smooth. It's got the hop taste, and it successfully dissipates most of the bite. If you let it linger in your mouth, the bite from the hops will become more pronounced. It isn't particularly pleasant, so I'm not doing that again. Instead, I'm going in for the whole gulp.

The taste has a bit of tingly hops around the outsides, but the most notable change is the floral finish. It is way more pronounced when you take a big swig, and it kind of sours what would otherwise be a great beer. Instead, it moderates it into being a good beer. Maybe just middle of the road.

I will not be put off of beers from this brewer, however. They have a good basis for a good beer, and the next one might be a real hit.



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