All Superheroes Must Die

This is an independent movie. They somehow managed to score Dexter's dad as the main villain, but that's the extent that I recognized anyone. Also, you have to go into it expecting the effects from a low budget (if any at all).

So, now that we've level-set, let's dig in. The movie is about a group of superheroes who have had their powers taken away and are being toyed with by their arch-nemesis who has decided to turn the tables on them and let them know what it's like to fail every time you try something. We aren't given background on any of the heroes immediately, and we have only a vague idea of what their powers were supposed to be in the first place. So, they have to go through a series of challenges to try to save innocent lives, and they are blocked at every turn. 

The acting wasn't terrible, if you can get past the superhero voices that they keep producing. I will admit, the voices are off-putting, and it never really gets much less annoying. I'm kind of surprised they were able to use the word "Superhero" in the title. Not a lot of people know, but that word is actually a joint copyright held by DC and Marvel Comics. It was something I discovered when I started reading Image comics and found that they could only use the word "hero" in its place.

The feel of the movie isn't bad. It's dark and mournful, but you get the sense that it's like that because you can cover up a lot of sins resulting from the low budget if you just don't light things up more. The interaction between the characters continuously hints at background that we aren't supposed to know about, and, really, the biggest interest in the movie is trying to pick up the scraps of back story just to understand what's going on and why people don't like each other.

I had been hoping for another Kick Ass or even a dark and twisted Defendor, but this just wasn't in their league. But, it wasn't the worst movie I've seen all week. Thank you Lake Placid 3.



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