The Tunnel

The producers would like you to believe this is based on a real event. It was not. I mean, it was based on the same true events that spawned the Blair Witch Project that the producers were clearly looking to duplicate but in Australia. The events transpire in abandoned railway tunnels under Sydney. The premise is that the government was planning on using the vast store of water that had flooded much of the railway system to combat a drought. Suddenly, the government abandons their plans and won't respond to questions about it, so a media crew goes to investigate.

It's actually a bit of a cross between Blair Witch and Quarantine. I kind of liked both movies, but the effect of the first person camera coupled with an unknown enemy kind of gets old. You need new tricks to make it compelling. The interviews interspersed with the camera footage was a nice touch, but the horror just wasn't there. Maybe I'm just not as susceptible to being scared by these movies at this point, but I am pretty sure it was mostly questionably believable dialogue combined with some okay and some bad acting performances.

Still, what do you expect for the price of free? That's right, it was released for free. So it's got that going for it.



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