Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout

Yet another brew from this Colorado brewer. This time, it's a milk stout. I have not tried too many of them, as they are closely related to the imperial stouts. Any regular reader of the site or anyone who knows me or anyone who has heard me yell about them in a bar knows that I'm not a fan of imperial stouts. A milk stout, however, is different.

The first whiff is all imperial stout, and that doesn't start me off right. But I endure. Pouring the beer, it's noteworthy that there is pretty much no head on this beer, even when you pour it directly down the middle. Once you pour and get past the aroma, you take a swig. It's sweet. It's very sweet. I'm no expert on brewing, but I understand that the nature of milk stouts makes them this way so much that they are often called sweet stouts.

When you take a long draught, you hit milk. It reminds me of the taste and feel of my beloved Guinness, but it adds more of that sweetness. It's certainly not unpleasant, but I'm not really looking for an ice cream taste more than a milk taste. Still, it was a good beverage - so much that I uncharacteristically grabbed a second one. Normally, I limit myself to one on a work night.



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