Hit and Run

Watching Hit and Run. It's got a fairly predictable, mediocre storyline. It has the amazingly hot and surprisingly entertaining Kristen Bell and the triumphant return of Tom Arnold to the big screen. It's got a host of other B-level actors, but its better than some of the crappy movies I've watched lately.

The real star of the movie is only in it for the first part, and its a very nice 67 Lincoln Continental. The guy in the movie (Dax Shephard) says that it had an engine swap and now has 700HP. The tiny little rear tires would absolutely shred if it had that, but it sounds great, and I just love suicide doors on a car.

After they toss the Lincoln, it becomes a commercial for GM. A Solstice, a Camaro, a Corvette, and a CTS-V wagon... One of the CTS-V passengers even makes a comment about how fast the car is, even though it's a station wagon. Not a spectacular movie, but an okay commercial.



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