Bell's "Quinannan Falls" IPL

How would I describe Bell's? Well, I went ahead and created a chart (I'm working on a standard - don't judge me) to reflect how they have done so far, and I added it below (the chart does not include this rating). Anything above a 2.0 is good enough to drink, and anything over a 3.0 is a definite recommend. If the brand has a 0.0 (which Bell's does not) it would really make me hesitate to get another beer from them. If they have a 5.0 (which Bell's does) I'll pretty much try anything they have.

This is a particularly pungent beverage. Floral and pine hops are perched atop a wet dough of a malt, and it emanates a notable distance from the top of the glass. The word "pale" in the name of this beer certainly fits, as it is a very pale yellow with a very light haze to it. The head is pretty substantial, but it's not overwhelming, and it is sticky enough that it could be mistaken for a regular IPA.

Firs sip is a little more tart and tangy than I expected, and it has a bitterness on the free end. Flavors inside these overwhelming sensations are grains, wet dough, lemon, and tangerine. I expected more of the flowers and pine that I smelled, but I'm not tasting them. This has happened to me with a few other beers, and I'm starting to think there may be something wrong with my smeller.

Tip-in is notably tart to the point of almost being sour, and the flavor with it is mostly the wet dough malt. The middle is where grains come in, but the tartness remains as the lemons and tangerine float by just hoping to be noticed. The finish is where tangy joins the tart and grains, but the trail-off is bitter and flowers.

Bottom Line: IPLs are a thing, but this isn't where they should go.



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