Bell's "Hopslam Ale" Double IPA

This is one of those rare beers that I've had before. I don't like to go into these reviews already knowing a decent amount about the beer being featured, but a friend of mine came over a few days ago and we both had one of these. I already know I'm going to enjoy this, but I didn't go through my normal process of dissecting what parts of it I was enjoying. Unlike a joke, enjoying beer can benefit from further analysis.

The copper colored beer has a stout head on it (not to be confused with a stout head) that leaves a big, thick clump floating in the center and enough lacing on the side to make me appreciate the effort. The aroma is yeast, honey, flowers, and baked bread. The aroma is sweet and thick, and I want the beer in me now.

First sip is smooth citrus and flowers wrapped in honey and surrounded by bread. While the beer itself is cold, the effect that it has is warmth, but it's not the relatively high 10% ABV (this heat isn't like a moonshine) it is something like the yeast and bread still filled with an energy that makes it feel warm.

Tip-in is sweet and tart in the front of the mouth with light floral and citrus hops leading a bit of sweet honey. The middle is a bit prickly with carbonation at the roof of the mouth while a clean, smooth mix of honey, bread, and yeast fill the center of the mouth, highlighted by a little citrus. The finish is more sweet than anything, and the yeast abates to allow the bread and honey to come forward with a little of the flowers.

Bottom Line: DIPAs are great. This DIPA is great.



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