Tallgrass Sweet Tooth Belgian-Style Dark Ale

These guys produced the two Buffalo Sweat beers that were so good that I'm not sure I'll be able to find fault with any of their beverages. It reminds me of when I had my first Left Hand Brewing milk stout and that led to quite a few Left Hand beers that I very much enjoyed. If Tallgrass keeps making beer, I'm gonna keep trying it.

It looks like... raisin juice? And the head is pretty nice until it dissipates, and it does that a lot faster than you might think. The aroma is very sweet caramel, brown sugar, old wood, and some dark fruits. It's inviting enough for me to want to get another, even though I haven't had one yet.

First sip is like a sweet, approachable version of the Chimay or St. Feuillien dark ales. The dark fruits are sweetened with the caramel and brown sugar while the salt is quite noticeable. It's a pretty good sipping beer, and I'm not sure I've said that about any of these dark ales before.

Tip-in is salt, caramel, and brown sugar with a definite carbonation sizzle. The middle comes with a smooth, rich, and sweet dark fruit and wood to join the sweet that is already going on. The finish is a little dry, and the grains assert themselves a bit before a slightly bitter trail-off.

Bottom Line: Another pretty good dessert beer.



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