Boulevard Southern Hemisphere IPA

The folks in Kansas City came up with this "Tasting Room Series" beer that I am drinking in my house which, if I'm honest, doesn't actually qualify as a tasting room. Yes, I taste a lot of beers here, but I also breathe, and that doesn't make this an oxygen bar.

The hazy gold-orange beer has a sturdy head that takes a while to dampen down. We have no lacing when it does, so it seems like it's kind of wasted effort. The aroma of citrus and tropical fruits is commingled with flowers and pollen. Despite the lack of lacing, the presentation is pretty good.

First sip is not overwhelming at first, but it then swells into a resin-soaked citrus sponge with bitterness and flowers in tow. It's rounded at the edges, so it's not cutting the tongue or scraping the roof of the mouth. It's nice enough, but a swig may be nicer.

Tip-in is sweet lemon, orange, and grapefruit with a gentle carbonation caress. The middle spreads into a bread-backed mix of the aforementioned fruits, some mango, some peach, and an irresistible smoothness. The finish is a bright flash of flowers, rind, and sudden bitterness followed by an oddly transcendent sweet and tart trail-off.

Bottom Line: Bold and better for it.



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