Boulevard "DDH Galaxy" IPA

I'm pretty sure they intended for the "Galaxy" to be separate from the "DDH," but that's not the way I'm putting in the quotation marks. In fact, I'm still not even sure that I really like putting the name of the beer quotation marks, but it seems like some of the beers really need me to set off what the brewer decided was the proper name of the beer as opposed to the style of the beer. If you don't like it, feel free to ignore it.

The pale yellow beer has a bit of a tangerine coloring and an interesting amount of white sediment at the bottom of the glass. The head is medium-sized, and it leaves just enough lacing to show that it wants to, but it just doesn't have the skill level for it. The aroma is sweet tangerines and grapefruits with a lingering tartness behind it.

First sip is a surprising amount of thick fruit meat with a dankness that doesn't seem to stifle the sweetness that is deeper down from there. It's a good sip, but it might be too much and too fast. Although, the sip isn't the right way to taste this, is it?

Tip-in is a frizzle of carbonation right at the front of the mouth with the tangerine and grapefruit just hanging out, not trying to offend anyone. Then, the middle gets so carbonation prickly that I almost miss the meat of the fruit and a very mild malt. The finish is where the dank hits with tartness and some bitter while the sweetness tries to hang onto the lips.

Bottom Line: Unfortunately imbalanced, but it has signs of greatness.



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